Just one of the things we offer.

    • “We are working with an increasing pipeline of companies within New Zealand and from overseas that are recognising the competitive advantages of locating their business here.” Andrew Coker – Chief Executive, Priority One
    • “Relocating our business here has been positive for the company’s brand image and credibility with international customers.” Greg Jarvis – CEO, Bluelab Corporation
    • “The business reasons to come here were very persuasive.” Graham Walshe – Chairman, Brother New Zealand
    • “We’re getting more and more companies moving here for the space, flexibility and accessibility that we offer.” Rachel Emerson - Commercial Manager, Element IMF
    • “I have just one regret in moving to Tauriko Business Estate…I should have bought the property next door as well!” Ray Sperling – Managing Director, EasyGate
    • “The more we investigated the options, the more it made sense to buy and build here.” Ray Sperling – Managing Director, EasyGate
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